Monthly Archives: July 2015

Is a good night’s sleep at our age just a dream?

Until about my mid-forties, I slept like a champ. Fell asleep easily, slept through the night, and woke up feeling refreshed. I thought insomnia was something only neurotic people had. Then came perimenopause and menopause, knocking me off the lofty perch of the well-rested and into crazy-making midlife sleeplessness. Sleep is elusive when estrogen starts […]

An activity tracker just for boomers

Wearable activity trackers like Fitbit are all the rage these days. These high-tech devices monitor fitness-related metrics such as how far you walk or run, how many calories you burn, your heart rate and the quality of your sleep. Then you sync your results with a computer so you can track your progress (or lack […]