Monthly Archives: April 2016

If Sarah Palin can do it…new vocabulary words

When someone with as tenuous a grasp on the English language as Sarah Palin coins words like “squirmish” and “refudiate,” I feel a hankerin’ to add to the lexicon myself. It bein’ an election year and all, some of these new words are inspired by the current political goings-on, while others, well, they just spoke […]

You did what to yourself? Ridiculous medical codes

Who thinks this stuff up? As a writer specializing in health and medicine, I’ve learned about some rare and unusual medical conditions. But the new International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Edition, Clinical Modification—affectionately known as ICD-10-CM—takes it to an entirely new level. The ICD-10-CM is a system that assigns a unique code to all the […]

More Girl Scout badges for boomers

Ladies, it’s no surprise that we seldom get credit for all we achieve. That’s why, in an earlier blog post, I suggested some Girl Scout badges that we boomers should be awarded as adults. But that was just the start. Here are more badges that reflect our diverse and often-undervalued capabilities at this stage of […]

Fish farts & other weird science news

The sometimes-bizarre stuff that scientists choose to study never ceases to amaze me. Here’s some research that may having you shaking your head in awe—or disbelief: Fish fart to communicate Letting ‘er rip generally is frowned upon in polite company. But in the fish world, flatulence appears to play an important social—even lifesaving—role. Scientists discovered […]