If you’re a baby boomer (born between 1945 and 1964) and you have a sense of humor, Boomer Haiku is for you. It’s a blog that takes a mostly light-hearted, often-irreverent look at life as a baby boomer as we move through midlife and beyond.

What’s so funny about getting older?

Not much, on the face of it. Aging bodies, retirement, losing our parents (either to death or because they wandered off with dementia), menopause, health concerns, the fact of our own mortality – it’s all pretty serious stuff.

But sometimes it helps to not take it so seriously. To find the humor in the crap we’re all facing at midlife. To laugh at ourselves. And revel in what we have instead of ruing what we’ve lost. And that’s the point of Boomer Haiku.

What’s with the 17-syllable poems known as haiku? Well, given that my attention span has shrunk along with my estrogen levels, distilling a slice of life into a missive shorter than a Tweet felt just about right.

Roxanne JonesAnd who am I? I’m Roxanne Jones, a native Mainer, born in Brunswick and now living in Cumberland with my husband and two cats. Things I value: friendship, honesty and chardonnay. Things I don’t: pretention, meanness, chronic lateness and the wattle on my neck.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll stop by again–and tell your age-appropriate friends.