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Bad bosses this baby boomer has known

I recently saw an ad for a 2011 movie entitled “Horrible Bosses.” The plot centers on three friends who decide to murder their respective overbearing, abusive bosses. While I’ve never felt compelled to take action quite that drastic, I have to admit that, over the years, I’ve had some—shall we say—challenging bosses. For example: A […]

What’ll you have? 8 unusual places to get a drink

When we boomers became “legal” in the 60s and 70s, there were basically two types of places we could get a drink: at a bar or a packie (a New England term for liquor, or package, store). Our access to adult beverages was further limited by blue laws—strict religious laws that harken back to colonial […]

More Girl Scout badges for boomers

Ladies, it’s no surprise that we seldom get credit for all we achieve. That’s why, in an earlier blog post, I suggested some Girl Scout badges that we boomers should be awarded as adults. But that was just the start. Here are more badges that reflect our diverse and often-undervalued capabilities at this stage of […]

7 classes I wish Adult Ed offered boomers

Flipping through our local adult education organization’s latest catalogue, I must admit it offers a decent assortment of classes, some of which Hubs and I have taken. For example, together we learned how to roll our own sushi, he took yoga for men (until he hurt his knee), and a friend and I took a […]

Being cautious at our age: Wisdom or paranoia?

As winter has descended on us here in Maine, I can’t help but think about the S-word: Snow. Winter can be a b**ch, to put it bluntly. The whole winter’s-upon-us awareness also has me thinking about how my perception of things like bad weather has changed as I’ve gotten older. When I was in my […]

Sometimes, rules just beg to be broken

Roxanne Jones

When my husband and I moved to the southern California desert in 2000, our first home was in one of those active adult communities for those “55 and better.” Hubs had just turned that age and I was a relatively youthful 47 (only one of us had to have attained double-nickel status to become residents). […]

Practice “Serenity now!”

Remember the “Serenity Now!” Seinfeld episode? George Costanza’s father Frank, played by the inimitable Jerry Stiller, was advised to say “Serenity now” every time his blood pressure was in danger of rising. But instead of calmly saying the phrase, he yelled it. I found myself channeling Frank Costanza recently when I spent a week trying […]

The joys of learning to say no

One of the best things about getting older is letting go of the need to please or impress other people at the expense of your own wellbeing. It’s kind of the emotional equivalent of f***-you money—having the psychic wherewithal to do and say what you want. At 62, I’ve finally realized that the world won’t […]

How humiliation helped me face my fear of flying

As a kid, I never thought twice about flying. My stepfather was in the Air Force, so we traveled quite a bit. Between the ages of six and 13, I lived in California, Massachusetts, Italy, Texas, Maine and Germany. My mother and stepfather had a rocky marriage, and during some of these deployments they separated […]