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7 ways to boomer-proof your home

Anyone who’s raised children or has grandchildren understands the concept of baby-proofing a home. Well, given certain risks and limitations we face as we get older, I think we should give some thought to boomer-proofing our homes. Now, I’m not talking about the usual advice that experts dispense to help folks remain safe in their […]

Plucking moustache hairs & other things I didn’t have to do 20 years ago

As I stood at the magnifying mirror one recent morning plucking rogue moustache hairs, it occurred to me that this was something I never had to do 20 years ago. Damned interlopers! I have two words for errant facial hairs: pluck ‘em! This got me thinking about all the other things I didn’t have to […]

Finally, a reason NOT to lose weight!

Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee for whom King Edward VIII abdicated the British throne back in the 1930s, is credited with saying, “No woman can be too rich or too thin.” Well, ladies (and gents, too, for that matter), medical science tells us otherwise – at least when it comes to the “thin” part. A […]