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More made-up words: The medical edition

As a medical writer, I get to use a lot of clinical jargon. As a humor blog writer, I get to make up words. And as a baby boomer, I seem to be spending more time dealing with health-related issues. Put it all together, and you have this week’s Boomer Haiku post: made–up medical words […]

How to solve tip-of-the-tongue syndrome

We’ve all had those frustrating moments when we can’t retrieve a word from memory. This phenomenon even has a name: tip-of-the-tongue syndrome, or TOT. The good news is that an occasional bout of TOT is normal at any age—although it does become more frequent as we get older. But rather than beating ourselves up about […]

If Sarah Palin can do it…new vocabulary words

When someone with as tenuous a grasp on the English language as Sarah Palin coins words like “squirmish” and “refudiate,” I feel a hankerin’ to add to the lexicon myself. It bein’ an election year and all, some of these new words are inspired by the current political goings-on, while others, well, they just spoke […]